TV STAR LOOK­ING Dav­ina: I just want a man

...I wish my best pal could turn into a bloke

Sunday Mirror - - KHAN SAIRA - BY HALINA WATTS Show­biz Ed­i­tor

DAV­INA McCall is look­ing for a man. Not just any man. One that can step up to the plate and be her soul­mate.

The telly host longs for the per­fect part­ner af­ter a roller­coaster ride through the world of re­la­tion­ships.

To­day she de­clares she is seek­ing love for the first time since her divorce from hus­band of 17 years Matthew Robin­son, 49, last year.

At times, she has felt so thwarted in her quest that she jok­ingly wished she could get to­gether with her best fe­male friend – some­one who she can truly de­pend on.

Mum-of-three Dav­ina, 51, said: “What I want is, I want men – and this is for my daugh­ters and for my son and this is for me – to stand next to me as a part­ner.

“So ev­ery­thing is a part­ner­ship. Ev­ery­thing is like ‘what shall do about din­ner’?

“It’s not like ‘I’m go­ing to be at work all day and I’m go­ing to cook din­ner for you’.

“It used to be ‘ What’s for din­ner dar­ling?’ And I’d go ‘I’ve got your slip­pers at the door’.

“It’s not like that any more, we are in a mas­sive time of change. It’s like ‘this is how you can be a man, and find your way as a man and stand next to a woman and sup­port her and she will sup­port you’.”


Dav­ina has two daugh­ters with her ex – Holly, 17, and Tilly 15 – and 12-year-old son Ch­ester.

The pre­sen­ter of Long Lost Fam­ily and for­mer host of Big Brother spoke about love and life with Matt John­son and Ben Bid­well on their new pod­cast The Naked Pro­fes­sors.

On men, Dav­ina said: “I’ve got a best girl­friend in the whole world and she has been my bestie since I was 19 and I al­ways think ‘God, if I could just find a man...’

“We have been through so many dif­fer­ent things in life – births, deaths, mar­riages. It has just made us stronger and that’s the dream, to meet some­body and do that.”

When show host Matthew joked about her pal tak­ing the role of the man in her life, Dav­ina said: “If only!”

She ad­mit­ted she never be­lieved in find­ing a soul­mate until re­cently and con­fesses to fall­ing for “bad boys” in her youth.

Dav­ina went on: “There are peo­ple who make you feel con­fi­dent and there are peo­ple who put you on shaky ground from the get go, and these are the kinds of re­la­tion­ships I sought when I was a very young girl. I al­ways went for the bad boy, the boy who made me feel in­se­cure, it was ter­ri­ble fear.

“I’ve al­ways been slightly like, ‘I don’t be­lieve in soul­mates’. But I’ve met some coupl e s re­cently and just thought, ‘ I think you are soul­mates’.

“The soul­mate thing hap­pens when the cogs fit. The re­ally im­por­tant thing is that you keep talk­ing, so if there is some­thing nig­gling you, just talk about it be­cause these lit­tle, it’s the lit­tle things that grow into big things. With­out love, that is so hard.”

A si d e from mat­ters of the heart, Dav­ina has suf­fered great sad­ness this year af­ter two pals took their own lives.

She ex­er­cises reg­u­larly to cope – some­times to ex­tremes, as her famous fit­ness self­ies have shown.

Dav­ina added: “I work out a lot for the way it makes me feel men­tally. You would think in your fifties you would have it sussed. I’ve had two sui­cides this year, friends of mine. I feel like some­times those peo­ple... that is an ill­ness where it is an im­bal­ance and it’s ask­ing for help.

“I’m re­ally lucky that I don’t think I’ve ever felt de­pressed, I’ve al­ways felt that there is hope.

“I’ve felt enor­mously sad. I feel of­ten that I’m griev­ing loss of some­thing, mov­ing into a dif­fer­ent phase of my life that of­ten means say­ing good­bye to some­thing else and that is sad. But I don’t get de­pressed.”

The last time Dav­ina wept was when her grandma, 98, died in June.

Wip­ing away tears, she said: “I re­ally let rip when we laid my granny – oh God I’m go­ing to start again – when we laid my granny to rest.

“Grandad was there and there was a space for her next to him and I was with my dad, who is my other

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