How to beat the Christ­mas party hang­over

Sunday Mirror - - KHAN SAIRA -

She says: “A smoothie made with berries, kale, pineap­ple, al­mond milk and nuts and seeds is my ul­ti­mate hang­over buster.

“The foods are rich in an­ti­his­tamines and will pump vi­tal nu­tri­ents back into your sys­tem.

“I’d also rec­om­mend gin­ger, turmeric, co­rian­der, pars­ley and thyme – all great anti-his­tamines.

“Some peo­ple even take a hay fever tablet when they’re hung over. And an­other nat­u­ral anti- his­tamine is vi­ta­min C. If you’re at a Christ­mas party, try to avoid aged cheeses, smoked meats and smoked fish – they will all make your headache worse the next day, as they con­tain high lev­els of his­tamine.”

Booze knocks our blood sugar lev­els out of whack, which causes low mood, low en­ergy, sleep dis­rup­tion and bro­ken con­cen­tra- tion. Alice rec­om­mends a hearty break­fast to re­bal­ance blood sugar – but steer clear of a full English. “Most peo­ple reach for a greasy fry-up when they’re hung over,” she says. “But it’s much bet­ter to have a break­fast rich in pro­tein and whole grains.”

Alice rec­om­mends eggs, tomato, av­o­cado and mush­room on whole­grain toast. She adds: “Eggs con­tain cys­teine, a com­pound that breaks down the toxic by- pr avoca conta boost with n

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