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Our love sizzled at the sausage works


IT was love at first bite when Roddy Keeble spotted Mica Proctor across a crowded sausage factory.

Mica had just joined his family’s business – Heck Sausages in North Yorkshire – and Roddy was smitten from day one.

The 26-year-old was too shy to ask Mica out at first – but wooed her with sausage sandwiches as they worked late shifts together.

The couple began dating last year, and he proposed to her in December.

Earlier this month they were married in the village of Bedale.

It was one Heck of a wedding, with 250 guests, a horse and carriage and a gospel choir.

And, of course, bangers and mash were on the menu at the reception.

“I was smitten by Mica as soon as I saw her,” said Roddy, who is now head of engineerin­g at Heck.

“She is a beautiful girl inside and out. I used to bring her sandwiches to keep her going and we grew closer.”

Mica has gone from head of Heck’s vegan plant to being in charge of stock control and her mum Claire runs the canteen and styles the food for photo shoots.

The 24-year-old, who also played the young Charity

Dingle in an Emmerdale special, says: “I got more than I bargained for when

I started at Heck.

“I met Roddy and he won me over with the sandwiches. I couldn’t be happier.”

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