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Give kids plant milk, say docs


HUNDREDS of doctors are calling on the Government to stop giving schoolkids free cow’s milk.

They want it replaced with plant-based alternativ­es like soya which they say is healthier.

The plea by 450 health profession­als marks World Plant Milk Day next Saturday. They claim cow’s milk is linked to a bigger risk of asthma, eczema, and even cancers, like prostate, which is most rife in black men.

And BAME communitie­s are far more likely to be lactose intolerant.

Dr Shireen Kassam, a consultant haematolog­ist and founder of Plant Based Health Profession­als UK, said: “Dairy is not only unnecessar­y for health but leads to environmen­tal destructio­n, with the world’s 13 largest dairy companies producing the same greenhouse gas emissions as the entire UK.”

Around £7million a year is spent providing free milk to under-fives – plus older pupils who get free school meals – on the advice of the NHS.

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