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‘Data does not jus­tify lock­down’ COMMENTT


I’M re­ally sur­prised the Government are go­ing in for this sec­ond lock­down, be­cause the fig­ures don’t jus­tify it.

By shut­ting things down, they are hold­ing back the early di­ag­no­sis of crit­i­cal ill­nesses, es­pe­cially can­cer, heart at­tacks and strokes.

As pa­tients are told to stay at home or risk spread­ing the virus, many of them sim­ply do noth­ing about their symp­toms. It’s also go­ing to have a huge im­pact on men­tal health – the wide­spread worry and un­cer­tainty af­fects peo­ple across the whole eco­nomic spec­trum. There are

many can­cer pa­tients who don’t know if they will be treated next week. Then there are the chil­dren and teenagers suf­fer­ing men­tal harm as their free­dom and friend­ships take an­other hit.

And what about el­derly peo­ple in care homes who can­not see their rel­a­tives? What’s more, a sec­ond

lock­down is go­ing to drive so many strug­gling busi­nesses un­der.

The im­pact of this is go­ing to last a gen­er­a­tion as there are go­ing to be no jobs for young peo­ple who have just grad­u­ated.

The only good rea­son for a lock­down would be the NHS not cop­ing with the ad­mis­sions, but at

the mo­ment it is cop­ing. The Government re­lies upon th­ese very gloomy sci­en­tists from Sage who make th­ese pre­dic­tions.

When we look at the data, 70 per­cent of peo­ple with Covid-19 have no symp­toms at all – and I pre­dict we won’t use the Nightin­gales this time around, ei­ther.

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