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Danny: Why men are in Dyer straits


DANNY Dyer reck­ons most men are left ut­terly be­wil­dered by women.

The EastEn­ders star, 43, claimed that women don’t like “good guys” but do want a “sen­si­tive soul”.

Talk­ing to his daugh­ter Dani on their pod­cast, the Cock­ney ad­mit­ted that men of­ten “think with their win­kles”.

But he added: “We need to con­trol where the blood rushes to and… some of our mo­ti­va­tions.

“This is the thing about women. They don’t want the nice guy, do they?

“They want a geezer who is elu­sive, that they can’t read, who is a bit t****y to them, that they have to chase.

“So us men, we are stuck in this weird di­men­sion. I mean, what are we meant to be?”

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