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We test the rise of non-boozy beers

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YOU’D think tak­ing booze out of beer might lead to boos of an­other kind right now.

But when Guin­ness an­nounced its first non-al­co­holic stout this week, it was fol­low­ing a trend.

Plenty of other brew­ers have also hit the zero/ low- al­co­hol band­wagon – with Stella Ar­tois vow­ing sober­ing prod­ucts would be 20 per cent of its out­put by 2025.

It comes as a Tesco study claims that half of young peo­ple aged 18 to 34 will be go­ing zero to low at Christ­mas. Un­beer­liev­able or hop­ping mad? We’ve tested a round of top names’ beers that will leave you, if not merry, at least able to drive.

Be­fore tak­ing a sip, the first thing that struck me was it barely smelt like booze at all. Luck­ily the taste was stronger than the smell. And, while it wasn’t as de­li­cious as a nor­mal ice-cold Moretti, the Ital­ian lager com­pany’s 0.05% al­co­hol ver­sion was still easy to drink.

When pour­ing this into a glass, the smell and ap­pear­ance of the 0.05% beer seemed prac­ti­cally in­dis­tin­guish­able from the real deal, with its deep am­ber hue. How­ever the taste was very hoppy and a lit­tle bit too bit­ter for my lik­ing. Hop-fully they can im­prove on this.

This is the zero ver­sion of trendy Brew­dog’s flag­ship IPA. Deep colour and an in­tense woody smell recre­ated the at­mos­phere of be­ing in a pub. When poured into a glass, how­ever, there was plenty of fizz but it failed to pro­duce a head. Slightly wa­tery in tex­ture, but oth­er­wise ale-right.


This Ed­in­burgh­brewed non-boozy beer is dou­ble dry-hopped, mean­ing is has a fan­tas­tic fruity flavour. The only down­sides were a slightly foamy tex­ture and a cloudy tinge when poured in a glass – maybe off-putting for some. Loved the blue can.

Heineken’s 0.0% al­co­hol ver­sion of its pop­u­lar lager main­tains its rep­u­ta­tion. The beer has a mild smell to it with an am­ber shade. The taste was a lot weaker than nor­mal. But that be­ing said, I ac­tu­ally pre­ferred it to the orig­i­nal. Cheers to that.



Pour­ing this 0.0% num­ber, it was hard to ig­nore it was a lit­tle flat. The Ital­ian brewer prom­ises a crisp and re­fresh­ing taste, with a del­i­cate fruity aroma. I found the smell a bit off-putting and syn­thetic. And while the ini­tial taste was very mel­low, it had a strong af­ter­taste that lin­gered in the throat. No thank brew.

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