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Virus drives ev­ery­one nuts in Paris

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Paris was grid­locked this week be­cause the sec­ond na­tional lock­down in France was an­nounced.

Many peo­ple in Cen­tral Paris live in tiny apart­ments, so they de­cided to leave.

From my ex­pe­ri­ence of driv­ing in Paris, what they will do in­stead is get as far as the round­about round the Arc de Tri­om­phe, then drive round and round toot­ing at ev­ery­one while lean­ing out of the win­dow growl­ing “Allez”, un­able to get across to their exit for about two months.

By then, the lock­down should be over, so they’ll all go home, and look for­ward to do­ing it all again when the third lock­down starts.

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