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Toff to evict farmer, 87, to build lux­ury homes on land

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AN 87-year-old farmer is be­ing booted off land he’s tended for 55 years – by a mil­lion­aire earl who wants to build posh homes on it.

Jenkin Rees has lost a long com­pen­sa­tion bat­tle over the farm he be­lieved would stay in his fam­ily for gen­er­a­tions.

He was granted ten­ancy by the 3rd Earl of Ply­mouth, a de­scen­dant of slave trader Clive of In­dia, in 1965.

But in 2017 his son the 4th Earl won plan­ning per­mis­sion for lux­ury homes there, trig­ger­ing a clause in the lease that means he can legally take it back.

Bailiffs could now evict Jenkin, wife Brenda, 84, and 60-year-old son Phil from their home at any time.

Phil – who runs the 220 acre farm and its cot­tages – told the Mir­ror: “This fam­ily have treated their un­der­lings in an ap­palling man­ner.

“The Earl wants to fin­ish his ten­ants off and throw them on the scrapheap so he can get mil­lions from our farm.”

Jenkin – who claims he was promised the land for three gen­er­a­tions – said: “I had no in­ten­tion of stop­ping this de­vel­op­ment. I wanted to be fairly com­pen­sated for a farm I was en­cour­aged to grow by the 3rd Earl of Ply­mouth.”


The fam­ily, who will lose their liveli­hood, say they say they have spent all their sav­ings fight­ing their case.

Phil fears he could be forced to move from the farm to a coun­cil flat.

He said: “I’ve got no home. They have spent mil­lions try­ing to throw us out in­stead of com­pen­sat­ing us fairly.

“Be­cause we were en­cour­aged to ex­pand in the Seven­ties, we felt our fu­tures would be se­cure. Now we are hav­ing the rug pulled out from un­der us.”

The le­gal bat­tle com­menced when Ply­mouth Es­tates – run by 4th Earl Ivor Ed­ward Other Wind­sor-Clive – be­gan de­vel­op­ing a £2bil­lion lux­ury sub­urb of around 7,000 lux­ury homes on the out­skirts of Welsh cap­i­tal Cardiff.

A clause in Jenkin’s ten­ancy said he would have to leave if plan­ning per­mis­sion were ever granted on his land – which looked un­likely back in the Six­ties.

Now Phil says the fam­ily’s men­tal health has taken a ham­mer­ing in an un­suc­cess­ful le­gal wran­gle that went all the way to the Court of Ap­peal.

He said: “My fa­ther’s 87. Can you imag­ine what it’s done to him? I’ve wo­ken up in the mid­dle of the night, un­able to sleep, and gone down­stairs only to meet him. He can’t sleep ei­ther.”

A Ply­mouth Es­tates spokesman said the Rees fam­ily had been aware of the build­ing plans since 2013, be­fore per­mis­sion was granted in March 2017.

The spokesman added: “Over the last four years the own­ers have tried to en­gage Mr Rees and his fam­ily and re­peat­edly of­fered fi­nan­cial com­pen­sa­tion terms well be­yond the le­gal statu­tory re­quire­ments. Th­ese have all been ig­nored or re­jected by the Rees fam­ily who in­stead chose to pur­sue the case through the courts.

“The Ply­mouth Es­tate has also re­peat­edly of­fered Mr and Mrs Rees a suit­able prop­erty for life, which will be in the same lo­cal area, at a nom­i­nal, rental cost of £21 per month. The own­ers con­tinue to be com­mit­ted to find­ing a fair and eq­ui­table so­lu­tion for all par­ties

“The own­ers have al­ways felt that it was not in any­one’s best in­ter­est to pur­sue le­gal pro­ceed­ings to the de­gree that Mr Rees’ le­gal team have cho­sen to, in­clud­ing un­suc­cess­fully go­ing to the Court of Ap­peal.”

Madonna gy­rat­ing on a metal fence.

On a dif­fer­ent note, that pink hair is a win­ner…

He penned Think­ing Of Me, This Song Is About You Me and Beau­ti­ful To Me. But th­ese days the only per­son Olly Murs sings Did You Miss Me? to is him­self.

The X Fac­tor crooner, 36, says: “I drive a lot, I’m al­ways putting my own songs on in the car.”

He’s also been learn­ing dirty tricks from pal who told him to “put the mike out and the crowd will sing it back” if he for­gets his lyrics.

He adds: “It’s old school, but it works.” What a Trou­ble­maker.


Bil­lie Eil­ish says she was not a shoo-in for the Bond theme tune – and had to fight to land the gig.

The 18-year-old su­per­star, who cre­ated No Time To Die with brother Fin­neas , 23, said mak­ing an 007 track had been a long-time dream. Bil­lie says: “Dude, this is some­thing that we’d talked about with­out it even be­ing a re­al­is­tic goal.

“For years, we’ve talked about how cool would it be.

“So when they came and said, ‘We’d love to hear what you’d make’, it was sur­real.

“It was pretty bor­ing and dif­fi­cult at first, be­cause we didn’t re­ally know where to start – but once we fig­ured out where we were go­ing with it, it was so much fun and so sat­is­fy­ing.”

Bond maker Bar­bara Broc­coli set no guide­lines on how it should sound or what lan­guage was needed.

Un­like Quan­tum of So­lace, with its An­other Time To Die theme by Jack White , they kept to the film’s ti­tle.

Bil­lie adds: “No of­fence to Jack – es­pe­cially as I could not have writ­ten a song called Quan­tum of So­lace!”

 ??  ?? BOOTED OUT Jenkin and Brenda with Phil, right, and his sons Nick and Wil­liam
BOOTED OUT Jenkin and Brenda with Phil, right, and his sons Nick and Wil­liam
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NO­TICE TO QUIT Rees fam­ily home
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