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Three mis­car­riages, three rounds of fer­til­ity... now we’ve got three mir­a­cles

- BY CHAR­LOTTE PENKETH-KING Health · Women's Health · Parenting · Family · Manchester · Parkgate, Cheshire · Parkgate

THEY say bad things come in threes... but here’s joy­ful proof that isn’t al­ways the case.

For af­ter three mis­car­riages fol­low­ing three rounds of fer­til­ity treat­ment, Han­nah Swift-Cuddy and wife Siob­han have com­pleted their dream fam­ily with the ar­rival of beau­ti­ful triplets.

Alice, Amelia and Ever­lyn com­plete a Girl Power house­hold of six – with Han­nah, 30, and Siob­han, 40, al­ready par­ents to two-year-old Isabella.

But what a roller­coaster jour­ney it has been to get there.


Ev­ery failed preg­nancy – which had been achieved via in­sem­i­na­tion treat­ment – left the cou­ple at their wits’ end.

But when Han­nah de­liv­ered the triplets al­most three months ago, the painful mem­o­ries faded and just hold­ing the lit­tle mites left her and Siob­han feel­ing lit­er­ally in the pink.

Siob­han is un­able to carry a baby and the cou­ple had sought ex­pert guid­ance af­ter the three mis­car­riages left them shat­tered.

Medics dis­cov­ered Han­nah had an im­mune sys­tem dis­or­der which caused her body to pro­duce blood clots so big that they cut off the oxy­gen to her un­born ba­bies.

She be­gan tak­ing blood thin­ners and the cou­ple de­cided to try tra­di­tional IVF treat­ment, with two embr yos be­ing im­planted.

It worked. And Han­nah and Siob­han were de­lighted to learn at the first scan that they were ex­pect­ing triplets – even if it did bring them to a shud­der­ing re­al­i­sa­tion.

So­cial worker Han­nah, from Park­gate, Cheshire, ex­plains: “I ac­tu­ally crashed into a bar­rier af t er find­ing out I was preg­nant with triplets!

“I came out, wasn’t re­ally con­cen­trat­ing and went into a bol­lard at the hos­pi­tal and scratched all down the side of the car.”

Han­nah laughs about the mo­ment now – while also telling how fi­nally find­ing out why she had lost three ba­bies lifted a weight from her shoul­ders.

She says: “Hear­ing the di­ag­no­sis was scary but then al­most a re­lief be­cause I had an an­swer fi­nally, and could start tak­ing med­i­ca­tion which could help me have a baby.

“I had three mis­car­riages be­fore the di­ag­no­sis and then I fell preg­nant with triplets. It was just ab­so­lutely amaz­ing – and a com­plete shock too. But we are so happy now.

“At first, the sono­g­ra­pher thought it was just shad­ows from the am­ni­otic sac. She couldn’t be­lieve there were ac­tu­ally three ba­bies.

“Siob­han came run­ning down the

We went from hav­ing one girl to four all in one go... it’s fan­tas­tic HAN­NAH SWIFT-CUDDY ON HER PER­FECT FAM­ILY

HAPPY END­ING Han­nah & Siob­han have dream fam­ily cor­ri­dor, scream­ing, ‘It’s triplets’. It was just in­cred­i­ble. We were so shocked but so happy that, af­ter los­ing three, we were now hav­ing three. It’s fan­tas­tic hav­ing the girls home. Izzy is so cute, al­ways giv­ing them kisses.

“We went from one daugh­ter to hav­ing four lit­tle girls in one go!”

Be­fore the suc­cess­ful IVF, Siob­han and Han­nah had opted for in­trauter­ine in­sem­i­na­tion (IUI), where sperm from the same donor was passed through a tube into the womb.

Han­nah had given birth to Isabella in May 2018 and was con­fused – and

It was such a shock to learn it was triplets... I crashed car at hos­pi­tal! MUM HAN­NAH RE­CALL­ING DAY OF THE FIRST SCAN

dev­as­tated – when the next three preg­nan­cies failed within a 12-month pe­riod. Siob­han couldn’t carry a baby be­cause she had a full hys­terec­tomy af­ter a per­fo­ra­tion to her bowel.

They seemed to be run­ning out of op­tions within the NHS but, in Au­gust last year, de­cided to pay pri­vately for help at CARE Fer­til­ity Manch­ester.

Han­nah says: “I didn’t feel well for a long time af­ter giv­ing birth to Izzy but health pro­fes­sion­als passed it off as me hav­ing low iron or low this, that and the other.

“We’d al­ready had a hor­ren­dous time with Siob­han hav­ing a hys­terec­tomy and then to con­tinue to have mis­car­riages was just aw­ful.

“I couldn’t un­der­stand why – I was getting preg­nant but kept los­ing them, all at dif­fer­ent stages.” Tests re­vealed she had de­vel­oped an­tiphos­pho­lipid syn­drome af­ter hav­ing Isabella.

It in­creases the risk of a mis­car­riage, al­though the ex­act rea­sons why are un­cer­tain.

Han­nah adds: “Ba­si­cally it causes blood clots and stops oxy­gen getting to the ba­bies so the foe­tuses will just die. But I didn’t know I had it as it de­vel­oped af­ter I had Izzy.


“Find­ing out that it was blood clot­ting prob­lems and noth­ing to do with the womb, I started tak­ing blood thin­ners to help man­age the APS and then we went ahead and did IVF.”

The cou­ple dis­cov­ered Han­nah had only two eggs that were good enough to freeze.

They were the cou­ple’s last hope – af­ter spend­ing an eye­wa­ter­ing £ 20,000 on fer­til­ity treat­ments.

Af­ter the joy of be­ing told it had worked, they broke the news to their fam­i­lies af­ter 12 weeks and to friends a month later.

And with Han­nah go­ing through her preg­nancy dur­ing lock­down, she man­aged to keep it a se­cret for so long that her col­leagues only found out af­ter she gave birth.

“It was quite dif­fi­cult han­dling a triplet preg­nancy in the mid­dle of a pan­demic,” says Han­nah.

“I didn’t re­ally con­nect with the preg­nancy at first. I kept it to my­self and we didn’t tell a soul. Along the way, ev­ery doc­tor kept say­ing, ‘Oh this or that might hap­pen’ like twinto-twin trans­fu­sion or we could lose one, so we didn’t re­ally con­sider telling peo­ple.

“We just pushed it to the back of our minds and as we were getting deeper into the preg­nancy, we thought, ‘Maybe this will hap­pen af­ter all’. We only just bought all the stuff for them last month be­cause even when they were born, it was still such a shock that they’d ar­rived!”

Alice weighed in at just 2lb, fol­lowed by Amelia at 2lb 7oz and Ever­lyn at 2lb 13oz. The girls spent five weeks in hos­pi­tal un­til they were big enough

– and strong enough – to go home. That meant ex­cited fam­ily and friends had to wait even longer to meet the new ar­rivals as Covid-19 pre­vented hos­pi­tal visits.

Han­nah adds: “Our fam­ily are ab­so­lutely stunned at our three new ar­rivals – they can’t quite be­lieve it.

“Be­ing a same-sex cou­ple, we have had to fund this whole ex­pe­ri­ence on our own, which has been dif­fi­cult.

“We were go­ing to get a mort­gage but in­stead, we blew all the money on fer­til­ity treat­ment.

“Ob­vi­ously we got our money’s worth with our ba­bies!

“It’s amaz­ing hav­ing the girls home and Izzy loves her lit­tle sis­ters.

“We’ve fi­nally got our fam­ily to­gether and we couldn’t be hap­pier!”

 ??  ?? OUR LIT­TLE MIR­A­CLE Amelia in in­ten­sive care
TRIPLE TREA­SURES Han­nah cra­dles her tots
OUR LIT­TLE MIR­A­CLE Amelia in in­ten­sive care TRIPLE TREA­SURES Han­nah cra­dles her tots
 ??  ?? IT’S PINKY IN THE MID­DLE Amelia puts up hand, Ever­lyn chills, Alice kips
IT’S PINKY IN THE MID­DLE Amelia puts up hand, Ever­lyn chills, Alice kips

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