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The name game

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Hid­den in the grid is the name of a fa­mous R and B artist. An­swer the ques­tions, then rear­range the let­ters cor­re­spond­ing to your an­swers to fill in the name.

BOX1: Which colour is NOT on the South African flag?

Or­ange (L)

Red (U)

Yel­low (R)

BOX2: In what year was the

Ro­tary Club founded?

1855 (L)

1905 (O)

1955 (F)

BOX3: Who wrote

The Or­deal of

Gil­bert Pin­fold?

Eve­lyn Waugh (C)

P G Wode­house (D) An­thony Pow­ell (V) BOX4: In which year did Bern­hard Langer first play in a Ry­der Cup? 1981 (A)

1983 (E)

1985 (G)

BOX5: In which area of London was the TV se­ries Up­stairs, Down­stairs set? Bel­size Park (H) Bel­gravia (E)

Beth­nal Green (K) BOX6: What is the name of the Greek god of dreams? Diony­sus (L)

He­lios (D)

Mor­pheus (Y)

BOX7: What is the cap­i­tal city of Lithua­nia?

Riga (S)

Tallinn (E)

Vil­nius (I)

BOX8: In which band did Bey­once (pic­tured) rise to fame?

All Saints (G)

Des­tiny’s Child (L) Atomic Kit­ten (Y)

BOX9: What is Her­cule Poirot’s sec­re­tary called? Miss Or­ange (P) Miss Lime (O)

Miss Lemon (N) BOX10: Kal­ium is an al­ter­nate name for which el­e­ment? Oxy­gen (W) Potas­sium (B)

Boron (X)

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