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I want to move. Should I sell my cur­rent house or let it out?

WAR­REN: The hous­ing mar­ket is sur­pris­ingly buoy­ant, fu­elled by Rishi Su­nak’s stamp duty hol­i­day. I don’t like buy-to-lets as a whole, with low in­ter­est rates and rental yields of around 4%, so I sug­gest you sell, use all your eq­uity to bor­row less on your new prop­erty and fo­cus on re­pay­ing the mort­gage and fund­ing your pen­sion.

Should I ar­range a mir­ror will, or should I in­clude a prop­erty trust in my will?

WAR­REN: Leav­ing ev­ery­thing to your spouse on your death is risky be­cause if they were to re­marry, be sued or made bank­rupt, there is a good chance your chil­dren will not see any of your in­her­i­tance. By in­clud­ing a sim­ple prop­erty trust in your will, you leave your share of your home into a trust for the ul­ti­mate ben­e­fit of your chil­dren.

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