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Di­vorce: the 5 things you should know

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Stick­ing with the theme of break-ups…

1 Ac­cord­ing to re­cent ONS statis­tics, 42% of mar­riages in Eng­land and Wales end in di­vorce.

2 The av­er­age du­ra­tion of mar­riage among op­po­site-sex cou­ples who di­vorced in 2018 was 12.5 years. (The long­est mar­riage recorded in UK his­tory is 84 years.)

3 The av­er­age age for a di­vorce with op­po­site-sex cou­ples in 2018 was 47 for men and 46 for women.

4 The av­er­age cost of a di­vorce is £1,500 – but it can get much more ex­pen­sive.

5 The largest di­vorce set­tle­ment in his­tory was when Ama­zon founder Jeff Be­zos gave his for­mer wife MacKen­zie a 4% stake in Ama­zon. It was worth around £30bil­lion at the time.

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