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...on wreck­ing Fergie’s gar­den

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“I’M NOT sure he knows, I hope he doesn’t, but he might now my book is out.

“Some of my pals lived around the cor­ner from Alex Fer­gu­son (be­low) who played up front for

Rangers in the late 60s. Af­ter play­ing foot­ball in Linn Park I’d walk past Fergie’s house on Farne Drive on my way home, pick the flow­ers in his front gar­den and chuck them over my shoul­der.

“I look back now and think how weird that was – ru­in­ing a man’s gar­den just be­cause he played for Rangers.

“I only stopped af­ter a neigh­bour told my mum what I was up to and she gave me a back-han­der.

“It just shows you how stupid you were as a kid that the ri­valry would make you do those things.”

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