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Pep talks down link to Barca

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PEP Guardi­ola has in­sisted the only chance of him re­turn­ing to for­mer club Barcelona will be as a fan.

Af­ter eas­ing the pain of his worst start to a sea­son as a man­ager with Manchester City’s vic­tory at Sh­effield United, the Spa­niard put to bed any no­tion that he could be lured back. Al­though he only has less than 12 months of his con­tract to run, any would-be Barca pres­i­dent is wast­ing their time in­clud­ing Guardi­ola in their plans.

He said: “My pe­riod as man­ager in Barcelona is over. I think in life there is once in a life­time you have to do the things – there are in­cred­i­ble peo­ple who can be in charge. Now for ex­am­ple, Ron­ald Koe­man is an ex­cel­lent man­ager.

“I will come back to my seats to see my club to watch the game.

“I am here, in­cred­i­bly happy, and still have the de­sire to do well.

“I am get­ting old. To be a man­ager in Barcelona you need this spe­cial en­ergy.

“That’s why it be­longs for the young peo­ple.”

 ??  ?? HAPPY Pep Guardi­ola has ruled out a home­com­ing
HAPPY Pep Guardi­ola has ruled out a home­com­ing

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