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FRANK LAM­PARD ap­pears to be­lieve English man­agers are judged more harshly than for­eign man­agers.

Frank Lam­pard (above) suc­ceeded Mau­r­izio Sarri, an Ital­ian, who amassed 72 points in his one and only sea­son as Chelsea man­ager.

Frank Lam­pard, in his one and only full sea­son as Chelsea man­ager, amassed 66 points.

Frank Lam­pard’s Chelsea of 2019/20 con­ceded 54 Premier League goals.

Mau­r­izio Sarri’s Chelsea of 2018/19 con­ceded 39 goals.

Lam­pard, a quintessen­tial English tal­ent, re­mains feted by most el­e­ments of our me­dia.

Sarri, a quintessen­tial chainsmok­ing Ital­ian re­mains a de­risory fig­ure in so many English eyes.

If there is one thing Lam­pard is not… it is judged too harshly.

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Louis van Gaal

MANY of us have a pop at foot­ballers when they cover their mouths when talk­ing to each other. But now we know why they do it.

Karim Ben­zema had to apol­o­gise to Real Madrid team­mate Vini­cius Ju­nior af­ter cam­eras and mi­cro­phones picked up his chat with Fer­land Mendy at Borus­sia Mönchengla­d­bach.

Ahead of the sec­ond half, he told Mendy not to pass to Vini­cius who, said Ben­zema, was ‘play­ing against us’.

If you had watched the first half, you would have seen Ben­zema had a point. But he has had to say sorry. Maybe we are just a bit TOO in­tru­sive at times.

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