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Safe from slaughter


This adorable puppy was set to be boiled alive at a Chinese meat market – but she was saved from this barbaric fate and is now hoping to find her forever home. Little Amy was rescued by a team from the charity NoToDogMea­t, which stopped a truck taking dogs to slaughter.

After they were seized, the pups were taken to an animal shelter near Beijing, where some 450 dogs are being cared for.

But it is hard to rehome them in China so the charity is looking for adopters from further afield. NoToDogMea­t PASSIONATE CEO Julia CEO Julia de Cadenet said: “Dogs like Amy don’t deserve the start they have had in life. That is why we work with people in China who want to end the dog meat trade. It hasn’t been an easy year and travel bans and restrictio­ns have hampered our progress, but the fight continues. We won’t stop until dog and cat meat is banned for good.”

The charity has just released a 2021 calendar to help raise funds. To buy it, or to find out more about adopting a dog, see .

 ??  ?? RESCUED Amy is one of the lucky ones
RESCUED Amy is one of the lucky ones

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