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Rainforest is up for grabs on Facebook

The Vivienne


PARTS of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest are being sold illegally on Facebook, an undercover probe found.

Some plots listed in MarketPlac­e ads are as big as 1,000 football pitches and include protected areas like indigenous land. Campaigner­s say Brazil is unwilling to halt the sales, fuelled by cattle ranching.

The BBC exposed the sales after setting up meetings between sellers and a “lawyer” for investors.

Environmen­t minister, Ricardo Salles, said Brazil’s government has “zero tolerance for any crime”.

Facebook said it is “ready to work with local authoritie­s” but would not take independen­t action.

What I’m watching…

It’s A Sin. It was heartbreak­ing and fantastic, and completely broke me and my husband for about four days. The fact that it wasn’t that long ago made it even more powerful.

Family recommenda­tion…

We’re re-watching Benidorm. It’s giving us lots of laughs. I’m a bit of a commoner and I love the place – I have fun there and go

with the flow.

Dream telly role…

Any strong woman who takes no crack – playing a character like Body Bag, the prison warder Sylvia Hollamby in Bad Girls. Or Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous. I got a cameo in the first Ab Fab movie and spent hours filming with Saffy at the Vauxhall Tavern. Then, at the premiere, you only heard my voice and saw the back of my wig! But at least I got my name in the credits.

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QAVet Peter Wright works at Skeldale Veterinary Centre, the original James Herriot practice in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. He also appears in This Week on the Farm on Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 5. My three-year-old spaniel, who was in season four weeks ago, is producing milk and is off her food. She is not pregnant so why is this happening? It sounds like she is suffering from a condition called false pregnancy. The two things you mention are common symptoms, as are making nests and aggressive­ly guarding toys. The cause of false pregnancy is a hormone imbalance. If you do not want her to have puppies, I recommend spaying as this may happen again.

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