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Ninety-nine years old, he never slowed down at all. Which I admire the devil out of

Joe Biden joins worldwide tributes to

Prince Philip

I’m taking back what’s mine

Actress Thandiwe

Newton reverts to her original Zulu name, 30 years after it was misspelt as Thandie

This is a coup

Myanmar ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn is locked out of his UK embassy by the country’s military regime - forcing

him to sleep in his car

He ruined my bloody career

David Cameron

allegedly lets rip over the

PM’s rise to power Ah, the B word… Bridgerton star Rege-Jean

Page says he’s flattered at being tipped as the next James Bond We don’t have a kitchen, certainly not. What do you think we are? iddle-class or something?


Gilbert and George can’t wait for their favourite Turkish cafe

to reopen

I have some big boots to fill

Rookie PC Dan Challis is

awarded the collar number of his greatgreat-greatgrand­ad, John ‘Tubby’ Stephens, the legendary Laughing


Are we becoming a nation of scruffs?

Waitrose shopper


reacts to the supermarke­t’s decision to

stop selling shoe polish

You can buy an actual plane for less

A social media user mocks Louis Vuitton’s new aeroplane-shaped handbag costing £28,000

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