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Animal aid cash crisis


Zoos, aquariums and safari parks warn they need massive public support after a pandemic aid scheme flopped. Only 7% of a £100million package has been spent because rules to access it proved too narrow.

As the attraction­s prepare to reopen tomorrow, Andy Hall, of the British and Irish Associatio­n of

Zoos and Aquariums, said: “Zoos were only able to access the money if down to their last three months’ reserves.

“But it doesn’t work like that. It can take two years to rehome a rhino or elephant, by which time it is too late.

“Because of the way this fund was set up, zoos were unable to access support as tourist attraction­s either. The public have been brilliant with donations. Now we need them to visit.”

The average zoo lost £2million last year after being fully open for just 38 days.

They contribute to conservati­on projects in 105 countries and nine UK zoos and aquariums alone are responsibl­e for keeping 29 species from extinction and restoring dozens more.

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BEASTLY TIME Zoos have faced financial nightmare
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