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Extremist yoga

Guru who soothed TV Amanda spouts race bile in web rants

- BY AMY SHARPE amy.sharpe@sundaymirr­

A HIPPY yoga teacher who appeared on TV’s This Morning has swapped peace and love for right-wing hate.

Jody Swingler was seen by ITV viewers with Corrie star Amanda Barrie – tapping a gong as part of sound bath meditation therapy.

Swingler studied yoga in India and has offered a range of holistic treatments with what she called “a lot of laughter and love”.

But the soothing ways do not chime with her social media posts and online videos spouting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

She rants about immigrants and calls Black Lives Matter an “attack” on white people.

Swingler is now part of radical group Patriotic Alternativ­e, run by holocaust denier and ex-BNP member Mark Collett.

He featured in a TV documentar­y called Young, Nazi and Proud and was once recorded saying AIDS was a friendly disease “because blacks, drug users and gays have it”.

Although there is no evidence she is a member, Swingler – who uses the aliases Jody Kay and the White Butterfly – has retweeted its content which questions the Holocaust death toll.

In an online discussion between Swingler and Collett, he highlighte­d her involvemen­t with the Patriotic Alternativ­e, saying: “She helped us out on the White Lives Matter day of action... she’s also volunteere­d to help out on the homeschool group because she’s musical.”

The Sunday Mirror previously told how PA’s homeschool­ing regime had been called “hateful and poisonous” by anti-racism campaigner­s. During the chat, she also shared a video in which PA beamed “White Lives Matter” and “Immigrants Go Home” on the White Cliffs of Dover.

Swingler, from Peterborou­gh, told Collett, 40: “You’re creating an art piece.” She called him a “remarkable man” while he praised her as a voice of “hope... for the future of our race”.

Terror experts warned last year that PA was recruiting kids as young as 12 via live web interviews. Swingler, 37, has claimed the death of George Floyd in the US formed her “awakening”.

She insisted it was “not racially motivated” and said the reaction

“opened my eyes not only to race but the JQ”. The Jewish Question refers to a conspiracy theory that Jews have undue influence over the media, banking and politics.

Swingler has insisted her views are “never derogatory or hateful” and said: “I’ve always, always, always looked after the underdog.

“If I can do something to help I will. And then I saw we’re the ones who are needing help now.

“It’s us. We’re the ones who are being attacked.”

She was based at the £1,200-aweek Soulshine Yoga Retreats in Ibiza when Amanda, 85, and TV pal Sherrie Hewson, 70, filmed an item called Sun, Sea and Seniors.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Swingler claimed Britons are “set to become a minority in their homeland”. She said: “I believe in freedom of speech and the ability for people to speak openly.

“My search for truth taught me that a love for my people does not equate to a hatred of others and the truth is not racist or antiSemiti­c, the truth is the truth.

“Unfortunat­ely though, the truth is ‘hate speech’ to those who hate the truth.”

 ??  ?? RITUAL Swingler’s sound bath for TV Amanda, inset
GREEN GURU Therapist Swingler at Ibiza retreat
RITUAL Swingler’s sound bath for TV Amanda, inset GREEN GURU Therapist Swingler at Ibiza retreat
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? WEB ALLIANCE Swingler’s internet discussion with radicalist Collett
WEB ALLIANCE Swingler’s internet discussion with radicalist Collett
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