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Party bloopers welcome here


Once upon a time, Hollywood awards ceremonies were a place where the rich and famous would go to pat themselves on the back then disgrace themselves at an after-party, which was normally sponsored by

Harvey Weinstein.

OK, so that was about 10 years ago before schlebs went all vegan and booze-free – and, of course, in some notable cases also went to prison.

Against that backdrop, many of you will probably be wondering just how fun a technology-led, human-free bash can really be?

Well, if you saw the

Golden Globes, you will have seen the mortifying moment where Daniel

Kaluuya began his acceptance speech on

Zoom, only to discover that he’d accidental­ly put himself on mute.

And also the priceless few seconds when the cameras panned to Al Pacino – who had fallen into a deep sleep.

Yep, these have been the highlights of awards season so far. And while the BAFTAs could be the most boring thing we have ever watched on TV, it could also be the most scintillat­ing, gripping masterpiec­e to grace the pandemicst­ricken airwaves.

For example, I recently got caught out picking my nose at an important work meeting then yawning wide-mouthed into the camera because I completely forgot it was on. It can happen quite easily.

And I’m hoping celebritie­s at tonight’s awards have not been shouted at by their boring PRs to “be as sensible as they can possibly be”.

Instead, I’d rather they have a gin or 10 and get this party started.

In no particular order, I would like to see Anthony Hopkins give us the Full Monty while sporting a Hannibal Lecter mask; Dermot O’Leary enjoying a loud burp during an advert break and then rememberin­g that, oh yah, the BBC don’t do adverts… and Frances McDormand falling right back into her tough character in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and telling everyone to “eff right off”.

These things will never ever happen. But maybe, at least, we’ll get to see

He is the favourite to take home a BAFTA and an Oscar for his performanc­e in Judas And The Black Messiah, but Daniel Kaluuya has an unusual acting hero in… Martin Freeman. The 32-year-old says that part of his success is down to being inspired by the career of Freeman, especially in his roles as Tim

Canterbury in The

LAUDED Daniel Kaluuya in Judas and the Black Messiah

Office and Dr John Watson in Sherlock. The Camden Town actor reveals that he sees Martin’s performanc­e in The Office as a masterclas­s in acting.

Daniel says: “Martin is the king of pockets. His performanc­e in The Office has so many sons and daughters.

“In Sherlock, he just knows how to hit it. And it is like it is not happening and he is still telling the story.

“Martin is like watching a game, and you see a player doing their thing and you go, ‘This is kicking’. When the game is happening you

can’t see what is happening, but what he is doing is incredible.

“So many comedies, especially how white men deliver their lines, is a result of the Martin Freeman idea.

“He just went like that in

The Office in his way and everyone took it and ran with it. People were subconscio­usly inspired by what he was doing. Really and truly, Ricky Gervais –

David Brent – is the funnyman… Martin has the story in The Office. You have to be very confident in what you do to know this is a comedy, but I will still play it this way. It is audacious, and that is why I respect it.”

Daniel also reveals that he had praised Martin in person.

Speaking to the WTF podcast, he says: “I met him and said it to him, but he was a bit drunk so I don’t know if he remembers.”


BIG FAN Martin Freeman as Tim from The Office

 ??  ?? HOSTING DUTY Dermot O’Leary
NOMINATED Hopkins and McDormand
HOSTING DUTY Dermot O’Leary NOMINATED Hopkins and McDormand

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