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Entertaini­ng the kids is a piece of cake


After another Easter holiday for the kids in lockdown, I’ll admit that keeping them entertaine­d has been challengin­g.

I let them laze in front of the telly, but then the guilt kicks in. I’ve never been an arts and crafts mum – the idea of glue and glitter everywhere fills me with horror.

So my 10-year-old daughter Amara wanted to make a banana cake. I visualised flour all over the counter, sticky fingers on my cupboards, and me clearing up.

Before I could say no, she said: “It’ll be a great way for me to understand weights and measures and that’ll help me in my maths.”

Ooh, she’s good! So I let her get on with it. The result was the best banana cake I’ve ever had. Delicious. Amazingly, Amara also put everything back in its place and wiped down all the surfaces. Bake Off, she’s coming for you!

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