Sunday Mirror

The name game


Hidden in the grid is the name of an author. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters correspond­ing to your answers to fill in the name.


BOX1: What was the name of the unsuccessf­ul music festival that has inspired two documentar­ies?

Flash (G)

Flaym (H)

Fyre (B)

BOX2: What colour is Marge Simpson’s hair? Blue (A)

Purple (I)

White (Y)

BOX3: Which of the

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the only one still standing? Great Pyramid of Giza (N) Statue of Zeus (P)

Temple of Artemis (O) BOX4: How many known moons does Uranus have?

19 (A)

22 (U)

27 (J)

BOX5: In which city is the series Peaky Blinders set?

Manchester (D) Birmingham (O) Cardiff (S)

BOX6: Who designed the Morris Minor and the Mini?

J P Blatchley (E)

Colin Chapman (G)

Alec Issigonis (H)

BOX7: Madame de Pompadour was the mistress of which French king? Louis XIV (L)

Louis XV (U)

Louis XVI (M)

BOX8: What nickname was given to the mechanical shark used in the Steven Spielberg (pictured) film Jaws? Bill (P)

Bob (R)

Bruce (N)

Solutions in next week’s Sunday Mirror

BOX9: The test cricket ground Sabina Park is in which country?

Grenada (E)

Jamaica (C)

Barbados (O)

BOX10: What type of acid is normally used in car batteries? Sulphuric (H)

Acetic (A)

Nitric (U)

 ??  ??

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