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An enjoyable Donald Sutherland cameo isn’t enough to breathe life into this formulaic zombie thriller.

A remake of the Korean film Alive, it sees hunky singleton Aidan (Tyler Posey) trapped in his apartment while a virus turns his neighbours into ravenous cannibals. After a stretch of topless zombie fighting, this middling survival flick turns into an underpower­ed romance after Aidan looks out of his window (seemingly for the first time) and spots artist Eva (Summer Spiro) in a neighbouri­ng apartment.

The young couple flirt through written signs then walkie talkies as Aidan finds his inner action hero. The romance is running out of puff when Sutherland pops up as a sinister survivor and hauls the film over the finishing line.

 ??  ?? TRAPPED Tyler Posey fighting cannibal zombies
TRAPPED Tyler Posey fighting cannibal zombies

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