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He’s been cowering in a bunker for seven years hiding from giant bugs

The end of the world is an unexpected hoot in an apocalypti­c romp for Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien. An opening voiceover establishe­s the irreverent tone familiar to fans of the Zombieland movies.

“I don’t think anyone was that shocked,” says bored 23-year-old Joel (O’Brien) as he recalls news reports of a giant asteroid heading for Earth.

It wasn’t the space rock that wiped out 95 per cent of humanity, though, but the rockets sent to destroy it. Somehow, the chemical fallout mutated harmless creepy crawlies into giant predators.

So, for the past seven years, puny Joel has been cowering in an undergroun­d bunker with a muscle-bound, photogenic gang of survivors who look like they’re auditionin­g for a new Alien sequel.

When facing the giant bugs, Joel has a “pretty severe freezing problem”, so he has been restricted to kitchen duties and has perfected a killer recipe for minestrone soup.

But seeing his bunker mates pair off has left the lad pining for his high school girlfriend Aimee ( Jessica Henwick) who is hiding out with another community of

survivors 85 miles away. When

Joel makes the rash decision to pay her a visit, his incredulou­s camp-mates can only muster one piece of advice: “Don’t fight, just run and hide”.

Armed with a limp crossbow and a quiver of world-weary quips, Joel embarks on his lonely quest.

On the way, he encounters a menagerie of wonderfull­y designed CGI monsters, befriends a loyal dog and learns valuable lessons from a grizzled hunter (Michael Rooker) and a mouthy eight-year-old (Ariana Greenblatt). Despite a slight plot, this breezy adventure proves that witty scripts and charismati­c leading men can go a very long way.

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Dylan O’Brien as Joel, who braves postapocal­yptic
predators to find love
COLLARED Dylan O’Brien as Joel, who braves postapocal­yptic predators to find love
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