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Reunited at long last but still staying cool

- Running with terminal cancer By Kevin Webber Until next week Kev­g/kevin-webber8

There were two things I was really looking forward to as lockdown slightly eased. Last week, I talked about the thrill of running in different places with friends – but this week was even more important. I could get together socially with family and friends not in my bubble for the first time this year.

Even though we all kept in touch, there is nothing like a face to face to really find out the smaller things that have been going on. My brother and his wife had exciting news about their daughter’s new cake business, which is taking off really well and I didn’t even know existed! It’s a really good example of how a forced lockdown has given people the time to think about what they want to do and then give it a go.

Next up was my eldest kids – we’ve not been able to get together with them since before Christmas and, naturally, we’ve all missed them very much. Sitting out in the not-incredibly-hot garden this week was not ideal but I would take that over not seeing them at all any day.

Again, there was so much to catch up on with their work and home lives. Plus, of course, what everyone is talking about – plans for really going “out out” when lockdown is eased further.

What made me really proud of us all was that we had – and still are – sticking to the lockdown rules. It would be so easy to think: “It’s OK to be indoors chatting, as they are family after all”. But that attitude could so easily spread across the nation and increase the spread of Covid. And that in turn could scupper all our plans for a great UK summer. We are only a small part I know but let’s not forget that this awful pandemic started with one person spreading it!

Hope you’ve all met up with those important to you and continue to help us all have the best staycation summer by hanging on just a bit longer before having those big get-togethers.

Everyone, of course, was talking about plans for going ‘out out’

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 ??  ?? MISSING YOU Kevin with his wife and kids
for the first time this year
MISSING YOU Kevin with his wife and kids for the first time this year

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