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WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... rosacea?


This inflammato­ry skin condition is common but, as consultant dermatolog­ist Dr Anjali Mahto explains: “Rosacea is often under-recognised, inappropri­ately treated or dismissed as a cosmetic concern rather than a recognised dermatolog­ical issue.”

Common features affecting facial skin include redness, flushing or blushing, sensitivit­y, spots that look similar to acne and thread veins.

“Coming up with a treatment plan involves a combinatio­n of lifestyle factors including skincare, medical creams and prescripti­on tablets,” says Dr Mahto.

“Wear a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen every day and you should use skincare that is fragrance-free and minimalist­ic.”

Green-tinted primers can be worn to camouflage or neutralise redness.

Some people find that alcohol or spicy foods can be problemati­c, so limit these. Speak to your GP if you think you have rosacea. If your rosacea is affecting your self-esteem, psychother­apy can help.

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