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Forth Bridge, Scotland


Opened in 1890 by the future King Edward VII, this is the world’s first major steel structure and represents a key milestone in railway civil engineerin­g.

During constructi­on, workers built a toilet over the water and boats would sometimes pass underneath! The “preserved” cubicle with no plumbing, no door and just a hole cut into a wooden bench is 155ft above the choppy Forth of Firth.

“Painting the Forth Bridge” is used as an expression of a neverendin­g task, based on the assumption that at one time in the history of the bridge, repainting commenced immediatel­y on completion of the previous paint job. It was last painted in 2011 and it’s now expected to last 25 years.

Immortalis­ed in Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, Iain Banks’s novel The Bridge, the posters for Irn Bru, as well as featuring in the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonweal­th Games, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not to be confused with the Forth Road Bridge, it was the longest single cantilever bridge in the world and continues to operate as a rail route between Edinburgh and Aberdeen with up to 200 trains crossing its 8,094ft length every day. theforthbr­

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