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JOBS for the week


Earth up early potatoes as soon as green shoots appear. By covering the stems, you are encouragin­g new tubers to develop from the stems and you are also ensuring that tubers are not exposed to light, which would turn them green.

Roses are starting to put out fresh foliage – this is a key time to spray against mildew and black spot and apply a slow-release organic fertiliser at the base for a healthy plant. Tie in climbing roses using figure of eight ties.

Mulch around box hedging with a wellrotted manure – they have surface roots which will absorb available nutrients. The stronger the plant, the more able it is to fight the dreaded box blight. Give it a light clip to keep in shape.

Mulch around spring bulbs that have flowered – this will help keep in moisture and stop them drying out.

Keep bird baths and feeders topped up with water and seed to encourage birds to your garden.

Put up wigwams for climbers – sweet peas are ready to be planted at the base.

Start sowing indoors runner beans and pumpkins, which will be ready for planting outdoors after the last frost in May.

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