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How to create your dream kitchen IN AS LITTLE AS A DAY

Without the nightmare price tag!


So you want a new kitchen but think you can’t afford one? Well, think again! Changing the way your kitchen looks doesn’t have to involve weeks of work ripping out your existing one to start again from scratch. Read on and discover how to make your dream kitchen a reality with much less upheaval and at a fraction of the cost...

If you’ve ever watched one of the many home makeover shows, you could be excused for thinking that you need a huge budget, a team of helpers and a famous host just to get your dream kitchen makeover.

In many cases, it’s simply not necessary to rip out the old kitchen and start again. Instead, a lighter approach really can work wonders.

The kitchen specialist­s

And no one knows this better than the hugely experience­d experts in kitchen facelifts, The Kitchen Restoratio­n Company.

They specialise in bespoke kitchen makeovers which allow you to retain your original units and fittings, whilst breathing new lift into the aesthetics such as doors, drawers and worktops. The process is far faster and much more affordable than a complete refit, and yet the results are equally stunning.

Starting a new kitchen from scratch involves weeks of upheaval and disruption to your day-to-day home life. However, a premium quality makeover from The Kitchen Restoratio­n Company can often be completed in as little as one single day! Minimum mess, minimum fuss and minimum disruption.

Over 400 style combinatio­ns

And they have a huge range of styles to choose from, too. From a traditiona­l look to an ubermodern style and everything inbetween, The Kitchen Restoratio­n Company offers you over 400 style combinatio­ns to choose from.

And you are not restricted to just replacemen­t kitchen doors.

The Kitchen Restoratio­n Company can help complete your kitchen transforma­tion with everything from worktops and new units to the kitchen sink (and taps too). Plus, let’s not forget those all-important finishing touches, such as lighting, extra shelving and bespoke storage solutions which can all combine to give your old kitchen a brand new breathtaki­ng ‘Wow!’ factor that you and your guests will love!

Whether you want to restore your kitchen to its former glory, or simply fancy a change of design, The Kitchen Restoratio­n Company can provide you with everything you need. Their service includes everything from an initial free kitchen survey and no-obligation quote, through guidance and advice to bespoke manufactur­e and fitting.

For a free brochure or to request a no-obligation quote with free survey, freephone 0800 917 7238 (24hrs/7days), visit www.kitchenres­ or freepost the coupon below today.

My kitchen had become dark and dowdy and no matter how much I tried to brighten it up, nothing seemed to work! Then I discovered The Kitchen Restoratio­n Company. They replaced my doors, drawer fronts, worktops and more to give my kitchen a sparkling makeover that makes me smile every time I’m in just isn’t a chore


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