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Spending money is not bad, spending other people’s money is! Be money smart, spend the money you can afford and get the best deal you can.

What has dipped in price this week?

Sheds and summerhous­es

7% cheaper on average than last week


15% cheaper on average than last week


12% cheaper on average than last week

Handheld consoles

9% cheaper on average than last week


14% cheaper on average than last week

Karaoke machines

11% cheaper on average than last week

This is a good week to think about buying…

Kids’ toys

You may not expect there to be great fluctuatio­ns in price for kids’ toys, but certain brands are currently at their cheapest time to buy for the whole year.

In particular, Barbie and Playmobil are considerab­ly cheaper in April than in other months. Playmobil items cost £39 on average in April, compared to £48 in the most expensive month of September.

And with everyone’s favourite doll, the trend is even more noticeable with the average price for Barbie products being £41 in April but £71 in November. This week, we reckon UK consumers will be buying…

Day trip supplies

With the reopening of many businesses imminent – including outdoor hospitalit­y venues such as zoos, theme parks and campsites – we expect to see a steep rise in demand for all things outdoor.

We’ve not been able to travel or visit our favourite attraction­s for so long now that many of us will be snapping up new supplies of things such as picnic blankets, drinks bottles and cool bags.

In addition, it’s likely that there will be an increase in the amount of sun cream, sunglasses and sun hats purchased – especially for children – to ensure we’re prepared for day trips and longer adventures away from home after spending so much time stuck indoors.

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