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FRANK BRUNO and Tyson Fury have one man to thank for saving their careers – promoter Frank Warren.

And 26 years after helping him finally win his world crown, Bruno fully expects Warren (right) to help Fury become the undisputed heavyweigh­t champion in his meeting with Anthony Joshua, planned for this summer.

Bruno had twice failed in world title fights, first against Mike Tyson in 1989 and then against Lennox Lewis four years later, and was down on his luck when Warren engineered a third and final shot.

But the fans’ favourite shocked Oliver McCall at a packed Wembley

Stadium to claim

American’s WBC crown and thrill the British public.

Fury had already become world champion, beating Wladimir Klitschko, when he suffered a fall into depression and addiction. But after linking up with Warren he began his journey back to the top to win the WBC title Bruno once held.

Bruno, 59, said: “Frank Warren was a lifesaver. I’d split up with Terry Lawless and Mickey Duff, and I had a fight in Glasgow, then my next fight was against Oliver McCall.

“That was my last stand. I had to go into a training camp around four months to get my stuff together and have a war against him.

“It was Frank who got me the opportunit­y with Don King and it happened that way. I owe him.”

Looking ahead to Furythe

Joshua, Bruno said: “Fury is in front for me. He is a very dangerous guy because he doesn’t give a monkey’s who’s in front of him.

“He is a much better fighter than people give him credit for too.

“Joshua is very hungry but still has a lot to learn.” ■■‘Make It Or Die Trying: The Frank Warren Story’, the next documentar­y in the BT Sport Films series, will premiere on BT Sport 1 tonight at 9.30pm.

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cHampIOnS Bruno and Fury

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