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WEDNESDAY night looks massive for Liverpool.

They know they weren’t good enough in Madrid last week and it looked as though they thought that even before the game kicked off.

It seemed as if they were fearful of the damage Real could do to their defence and that is unusual for a Jurgen Klopp side, who play without fear.

So now they have to somehow change that mentality. They need to be bold, to be brave and to play without fear, despite obvious questions about their defence.

It’s hard when you know you have inexperien­ced players in key positions, who will be exposed by quality opponents.

But those are the cards Kop boss Klopp (above) must play with.

So take defence out of the equation.

Blow up a perfect storm of attacking football, as they did at Arsenal only a week ago.

Push Madrid so far on to the back foot that they can’t attack.

They did that famously, of course, against Barcelona a couple of years ago, but then, they had the Kop and an atmosphere no one who was there will ever forget. I certainly won’t.

They have to produce their own passion now – because Liverpool can’t let this season go out with a whimper.

If they are going down, then do it fighting.

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nOT SO FIRm Dejection of Roberto Firmino in Spain

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