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DON GOODMAN has joined the growing clamour for temporary concussion substitute­s to be introduced to end the “macho” factor which can place players at serious risk of long-term damage.

The former Wolves and Sunderland striker (below) knows all about the severity of head injuries, suffering a fractured skull in his Molineux days, which left his career in the balance.

Now as a TV co-commentato­r he has relived that torment – he was on duty when Wolves star Raul Jimenez fractured his skull in a collision with Arsenal’s David Luiz, and when Wanderers keeper Rui Patricio got a head injury against Liverpool.

Goodman said: “Slowly but surely the contact in football is being taken out – but when players are challengin­g for a ball in the air they are going to clash heads.”

Since February the Premier League has been trialling the introducti­on of permanent concussion substitute­s.

But Goodman says it does not allow enough time for full tests – and many players are too desperate to stay on. He added: “It’s a macho thing, like in society with men reluctant to see a doctor.”

Just eight days ago Sheffield United’s George Baldock was sent back into action following treatment for “blurred vision” after a challenge involving Leeds United’s Tyler Roberts.

After five minutes Baldock was taken back off again, when it was obvious he was still feeling groggy.

England legend Alan Shearer blasted: “When is football going to learn? If in doubt, sit them out.

“Medics are being rushed into situations which could be life-changing.”

Goodman said: “You will do anything to try and stay on the pitch – the player will place the doctor under pressure and try to convince him he’s fine.

“I’m not a medic, but I know you can be concussed without losing consciousn­ess.

“Adrenaline can also get you through the first five or 10 minutes but if there’s anything wrong it will catch up with you.

“The medical people need to be afforded more time to make decisions – so temporary concussion substitute­s has to be the way forward.

“That gives whatever time is needed for the player to be properly assessed, while another player goes on in his place.

“If after extensive checks everything is OK, then he’s free to go back on again.

“It’s been talked of too long – let’s fasttrack temporary concussion substitute­s.”

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 ??  ?? SHATTERING: Luiz and Jimenez head clash
SHATTERING: Luiz and Jimenez head clash

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