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Doggos in China wait


Dogs rescued from the meat trade to travel to homes in the UK are still stuck in China due to the country’s strict Covid rules. The mutts – Debbie, Danny, Sophie and Michael – are all being cared for at the NoToDogMea­t charity’s shelter in Beijing.

It houses around 450 animals, all rescued from brutal treatment at the hands of dog meat butchers.

They had been due to travel last year to loving homes in the UK, but are still waiting because of strict travel restrictio­ns.

Campaigner­s hope the four will soon make the journey and enjoy a loving home in rural Buckingham­shire.

NoToDogMea­t CEO Julia De Cadenet said: “It has been a frustratin­g time.

“People often ask why we can’t just rehome the dogs in China but they just aren’t viewed in the same way as in the west.

“If an airline would like to help us with some support that would be a tremendous boost.”

 ?? ?? IN LIMBO Debbie, Danny, Sophie and Michael
IN LIMBO Debbie, Danny, Sophie and Michael
 ?? ?? HELP Julia De Cadenet
HELP Julia De Cadenet

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