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Drugs don’t work on Ozzy

Rocker needed four times normal dose to knock him out before op


IT would be enough to make any medical anaestheti­st feel a little bit Paranoid…

He’d injected the talkative patient laying on the bed before him, yet he just wouldn’t fall asleep.

But the medic needn’t have worried as the patient was Ozzy Osbourne at the height of his drug binges – and his tolerance levels were sky-high.

Now 73, the Black Sabbath frontman recalls: “I had a procedure when I was doing all this s***. The guy putting the stuff in goes, ‘How long have you been doing this music?’ And I said so many years and kept talking. And he goes, ‘Why aren’t you asleep yet?’”

Ozzy says he needed “two full syringes” – four times the typical dose – to send him Into The Void. But the rocker insists his wild days are now over, despite nearly relapsing.

In an interview with US radio station Sirius XM, Ozzy told how he recently spent £600 on legal cannabis in LA.

“I got it and I thought, ‘What the f*** have I bought that for?’ Four ounces? I just had Covid so I can’t smoke anyway.

I’d thought, ‘That would be good’. But I never smoked one.

“One of the main reasons I have embraced my family is because I am not out of my f***ing face any more.”

Ozzy has just released single Patient Number 9 about a man in a mental asylum. But he’s postponed a European tour with Judas Priest for a second time, pushing it back to 2023.

The rocker, who admitted he now feels like “an old guy”, is planning a move back to Britain.

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STAYING CLEAN With wife Sharon

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