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It’s time to get rid of this zombie government


BRITAIN needs a fresh start. A fourth new Tory Prime Minister in six years isn’t going to achieve that.

Instead, it’s a recipe for more of the same. High taxes and low growth.

Broken promises. Wages that run out earlier each month.

Crime getting worse, long waits to see your doctor, an NHS that is going backwards.

We’ve had 12 years of this and we’re all paying the price.

At this crucial moment we have a zombie government led by a Prime Minister squatting in Downing Street. Every one of the main candidates to replace him has spent the last year touring the TV studios parroting his lies and propping up his reign.

They can’t now attempt to wash their hands of him. That’s why it’s time for proper change.

Not a new captain of the sinking Tory ship, but a Labour Government ready to re-energise Britain.


Labour’s mission is to make Britain’s economy stronger and more secure. First, we’ve got to help the British people through the Tories’ cost-of-living crisis.

Then we’ve got to ensure our country never goes through

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