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something like this again. We need to deliver growth by changing the economy so it delivers for working people. Labour’s ambitious, fully funded and practical plan for Britain does just that.

Take, for example, o ur plans to insulate homes across the country.

It’ll bring down household bills for millions of people.

It’ll make Britain greener and cleaner.

And it’ll create good jobs all across the country. That’s a triple whammy of good news that a Labour Government would quickly get on with. Our plan will also improve people’s everyday lives.

Whether it’s the epidemic of crime, the shocking state of our NHS or kids struggling to catch up after the pandemic, everywhere you look things are broken.

Every time a Labour Government is formed after booting out the Tories, we have to sort out the mess they’ve

made of our public services. So, just as we always have, our plan for Britain will fix them again.

And we won’t do it the Tory way by cutting corners or putting the cost on working people.

Instead, we’ll pay for it by ensuring everyone is paying their fair share. That means closing tax loopholes exploited by hedge funds and removing private schools’ charity status.

I make no excuse for coming up with practical solutions rather than clever slogans or wild promises. Britain is crying out for change and improvemen­t, not the gimmicks seen in recent years. It’s also why I’m absolutely clear there will never be any pacts, negotiatio­ns or deals with the SNP under my leadership.


We are going to govern for the whole country, not put its future at risk. While the Tories and the nationalis­ts work in lockstep to sew divisions, Labour is the party of a more united kingdom.

I know I have to convince you to put your trust in me, and to believe that together we can build a better country. What you can be certain you’ll always get from me is someone who believes honesty and integrity matter.

Changing the person at the top of the Tories isn’t going to clean out the rotten culture from throughout their Party.

Only by booting out the lot of them will Britain get the fresh start it needs.

That’s why we need a General Election now.

My message to the Tories is simple: Bring it on.

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