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The new Cabinet of chaos


A NEW Cabinet has been cobbled together and nine of the 22 are under the microscope.

Chancellor - Nadhim Zahawi Landlord with property and shops portfolio worth a reported £100m. Deputy PM - Dominic Raab Stayed on holiday during the fall of Kabul. Wants to axe Human Rights Act. Co-wrote Britannia Unchained, branding UK workers

“some of worst idlers in world.” Home Secretary - Priti Patel Kept in job despite breaking ministeria­l code by bullying staff. Foreign Secretary - Liz Truss Gets angry about level of cheese imports and excited about new pork markets overseas.

Culture Secretary - Nadine Dorries

Gaffe machine who didn’t know

difference between Rugby League and Union, and for being unaware that Channel 4 runs at no cost to the taxpayer. Leader of the Commons Mark Spencer

Faced questions over claims, which he denies, that he told an MP her Muslim faith was among the reasons she lost a ministeria­l job.

Deputy Leader of the Commons - Peter Bone

Big defender of Boris. Used to ask David Cameron

Commons questions on behalf of “Mrs Bone” – but left Mrs Bone for his physiother­apist. Education Minister

(Junior) - Andrea Jenkyns Defended giving protesters

the finger, below, in Downing Street on Thursday, saying she had “reached the end of my tether”.

Attorney General Suella Braverman Announced she was running for No10 live on TV, but refused to resign from the Prime Minister’s top team.

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