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Like remake of the Mrs T horror movie ANALYSIS



IT was like watching history repeat itself. I was there when Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet forced her out in 1990.

And there again when Boris Johnson’s ministers entered No10 to chuck another PM under a bus who vowed to fight on.

It was the same horror movie with a different cast. Sajid Javid took the Geoffrey Howe role to give the withering Commons personal statement rubbishing the PM.

And Michael Gove took the Ken Clarke part; the only ministers with the guts to tell PMs to their faces they were finished.

There the similarity ends. Mrs T did not try to squat in No10. She made a tearful exit on November 28, the day after John Major was confirmed leader.

Nor did the Iron Lady care much what newspapers said about her.

Unlike Mr Johnson. I had a drink with him at the Tory conference in 2019 when he’d been PM for fewer than three months.

He fixed me with a beady eye and said: “I do wish the Mirror would stop being quite so beastly about me.”

I didn’t make any promises – not with wallpaperg­ate, partygate and Pinchergat­e yet to come.

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