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Quit MPs’ pay-offs can feed 80k kids

- EXCLUSIVE BY MIKEY SMITH Whitehall Correspond­ent

MINISTERS who quit to oust Boris Johnson will be urged to offer their severance pay to fund free meals for 80,000 children.

Resigning frontbench­ers can claim 25% of their annual salary, as long as they don’t rejoin the Government within three weeks.

Ministers of state would be in line for a £7,920 payout – a figure which increases through the ranks. Boris Johnson is set to receive £18,860 when he steps down.

The total payouts are estimated to be £245,487 – which could feed 80,000 children for free over the summer holidays.

The Lib Dems will tomorrow table a motion calling on departing ministers to donate their golden handshakes to help with the cost of living crisis.

The party’s education spokeswoma­n Munira Wilson said: “While families are struggling to put food on the table, Tory ministers are set to pocket payouts worth thousands. It is deeply unfair especially at a time when so many are struggling to get by.

“Conservati­ve ministers who resigned should do the decent thing and give their pay-offs to fund free school meals.”

 ?? Munira Wilson MP ?? ‘DO THE DECENT THING’

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