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This week I caught up with dermatolog­ist to the stars Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal. Here, he reveals their secrets… What treatments do celebs love the most?

The most popular are treatments that use Retinol. Most A-listers love to get a skin booster combined with vitamins, which instantly improves skin quality, hydration, glow and radiance.

Ideal for the red carpet.

What’s the funniest encounter you’ve had with a celebrity?

I was invited to the VIP area of a sports event in Monaco and while I was talking to a small group of people, someone came to the group and addressed the man I happened to be standing next to and chatting away with as “Your Highness”. In that moment, I realised that I had been talking and joking with the Prince of Monaco.

What would you say are the three best things you can do to get skin like an A-lister? Invest in the right cleanser, the right SPF and the right day and night cream.

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