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Singer and family thrive on pace of life in Paris and want to buy a home there


Robbie Williams is keen to make a French connection... by snapping up a home in Paris.

The singer and his wife Ayda Field recently quit their £24million villa near Lake Geneva in Switzerlan­d – where they holed up during lockdown – before heading to their Los Angeles home.

But after spending the last month in the French capital, sources say Robbie is now looking for a pied-à-terre in the City of Light.

An insider tells me: “Rob and Ayda have spent a month or so in Paris every year to reset, enjoy the pace of life, get away from their schedules and spend some quality time as a family.

“They’ve always had an affinity with Paris and love spending time there, especially as Robbie doesn’t draw as much attention as he does in London.”

Robbie, 48, and Ayda, 43, who have four young children, have long had links to Paris. Ayda’s mum Gwen, 72, a former movie director, lived in the city for several years before moving back to Los Angeles.

She and her partner Ian Valentine now live with Rob and Ayda, and have spent the past month in Paris with the couple.

The source adds: “They’ve had a wonderful time

Idris Elba fans will be shocked to see him fight a lion with his fists in his new film, Beast. But while CGI was definitely involved for that particular scene, Idris drew inspiratio­n from a real-life lion near the set.

He reveals: “Behind my trailer was a real lion so we could see what he looks like. That, in the morning, was scary because when he was hungry… wowee! I was like, ‘Yo, he’s right there!’” Sounds like it’s set to be a roaring success.


in France – Ayda and Gwen have enjoyed some motherdaug­hter time.

“They took a mini-break in Monaco where they enjoyed the casino, shopping and dinner.

“They’re super-close but Gwen has health problems and finds it tiring to travel too much.

“She’d love to spend more time back in her second home of Paris, and it’s pretty close to London so it would suit everyone.

“The whole family – apart from Robbie – speak fluent French – so it’s easy for them to slot into place and feel comfortabl­e there.

“Robbie’s seriously considerin­g making an investment here to add to his property portfolio.”

In March, the former Take That star joked that he didn’t have “an abode right now” as he and Ayda had “pretty much sold everywhere”. The couple are reportedly moving back to the UK, where they plan to live in their £17.5million West London home, which has been rented out for the past three years.

 ?? ?? KINGS OF THE JUNGLE Idris and lion, above
KINGS OF THE JUNGLE Idris and lion, above
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DEVOTED Gwen & Ayda

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