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Come on ManeUtd!


England’s Lionesses are getting roaring support at the Women’s Euro 2022 soccer championsh­ips – from a real lioness. While the footie stars beat Austria 1-0 on Wednesday, London Zoo’s Arya and her mate Bhanu had their own kickabout to mark the occasion.

Playing with metrewide toys, the lions had, well, a real ball.

The balls, scented with the pride’s favourite herbs and spices, were donated by supporters Liontrust. Zookeeper Tara Humphrey said: “Our pride of lions are roaring on England’s Lionesses and they really enjoyed getting a chance to play themselves. Arya showed off her dribbling skills! As a global conservati­on charity, we know what it means to have the support of others – and Liontrust have long been supporters of our big cats. We’ll all be cheering on the Lionesses this week!”

Liontrust enables London Zoo to care for Asiatic lions like Arya and Bhanu – while supporting partners in India to safeguard these big cats in their last remaining wild habitat, the Gir Forest.

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ZOO ARYA? Lion ‘plays’ football

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