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Dakota’s naked ambition


having seen her on that infamous Ellen DeGeneres interview, you know that she takes no prisoners. You don’t mess with Dakota Johnson, and I think that’s incredibly sexy.” He adds with a chuckle: “Dakota is instinctiv­ely flirtatiou­s and she seduced all of us. If there’s a telegraph pole, she’d charm that into doing her bidding!”

Persuasion is the story of a woman who turns down a marriage proposal aged 19 and is still single in her mid-20s – considered perilously close to spinsterho­od by some in pre-Victorian Britain.

Dakota says: “I really hope people see this and maybe feel like it’s okay to be figuring yourself out, whatever age you are. I think we’re figuring ourselves out for the whole of our lives.” She admits she doesn’t worry how many people see her films, or how much money they make. A love of storytelli­ng is her reward.

The actress goes on: “However well a movie does, doesn’t really do anything to me. I can’t do anything about that.

“I have learned that the experience of making the film is equally, if not more important, than how the film turns out.

“I just want to have the experience and I want to discover all of the stories within me. My focus is always drawn to stories and characters that possess a profound level of humanity.

“I want to work with great people. I want to work with kind people. I want to make movies that people can find themselves in, whether it’s in the story or in the character.

“There’s many, many women within me and I find them in weird places. I feel so lucky to have stories like this come into my life and to get to work with talented people. There have been a lot of people in my life who have exploded my world into colour.

“I just have to be really open-hearted and to hopefully tell stories that make you feel really good. It’s more relatable for people to watch things they really see themselves in.”

Away from the camera, Dakota lives in Malibu with Coldplay star Chris, her partner of five years.

He has two children from his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow – which Dakota can relate to, as her parents both have children from other relationsh­ips.

She says: “It’s really nice that everybody actually really loves each other and has each other’s backs.” On the work front, Dakota talks of a deep bond with British star Olivia Colman, her co-star in The Lost Daughter. They may even get matching tattoos, she says.

While the world has been in lockdowns, Dakota was filming and launched her own company, TeaTime Pictures.

It was so busy that she jokes: “I need a blanket, because it’s been really hardcore. Somehow I just didn’t stop during Covid.”

Sounds like Dakota should take a break. But that may require some Persuasion. ■■Persuasion is on Netflix from July 15

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