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There’s a spooky movie phenomenon around where movies with very similar plots are released roughly at the same time.

Notable “twin films” include period magician dramas The Illusionis­t and The Prestige, and Washington terror attack action flicks White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen.

Now we can add male sex-worker comedies Good Luck Leo Grande and How To Please a Woman to the growing list.

British actress Sally Phillips rocks a convincing Aussie accent to play Gina, who works in finance and is stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage.

Days before losing her job, her pals send her a birthday stripagram (still a thing in Australia, apparently). Gina is mortified, but when topless hunk Tom (Alexander England) offers to do “anything” she wants for the next two hours, she has a flash of inspiratio­n – she gets him to clean her house.

And when Gina is made redundant, she has a ready-made business plan. Tom and his former workmates from a bankrupt removals company will be house-cleaning hookers who cater for neglected women’s every need. There are some cringey moments and some mildly amusing ones too. But Phillips keeps us watching with another likeable performanc­e.

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 ?? As Tom ?? LIKEABLE
Phillips plays Gina,
inset, England
As Tom LIKEABLE Phillips plays Gina, inset, England

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