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Chris Wiltshire

Is intoxicate­d by ‘Czech Tuscany’ and some of its standout stars


Deep in the heart of the picturesqu­e region of the Czech Republic they call the Moravian Tuscany, I meet Frankovka. She is fresh, refined, full-bodied and utterly intoxicati­ng.

I know in an instant that I have found my perfect dinner companion, a fruity little number to suit any occasion. The biggest challenge is bringing her back home with me.

Frankovka, you see, is a delicious red wine cultivated on the lush, undulating hills of the former communist state, a country more renowned for its quality beers than its wines.

I’m introduced to her by Jan Stavek, on a hill overlookin­g the nine hectares of vineyards that his family have lovingly nurtured for four generation­s.

It’s a beautiful place with villages dotted among the landscape, their red terracotta roofs gleaming in the sun, with neighbouri­ng Austria and Slovakia off in the distance.

It’s little wonder this region has been nicknamed the Czech Tuscany, and yet very few British tourists have so far stumbled on it.

As we enjoy the views, Jan introduces us to two prized wines – the J Stavek sauvignon and rosé, Tercie – before we head to his idyllic winery in the village of Nemcicky for an introducti­on to fabulous Frankovka.

Lashings of local sausages, pâté and cheese are laid out as we devour the ruby red wine,

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Castle SEAT OF POWER Chris at Valtice
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ROYAL PARADE The Ride of the Kings

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