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Chatterbox Jill’s one to avoid on travels!

- By NEIL MOXLEY @neil_moxley

JILL SCOTT does not just play a good game. She talks and talks one, too.

But the England star, who has been tagged as the squad’s No.1 chatterbox, isn’t apologisin­g for bending a few ears – she is having the time of her life.

The midfielder, 35, has her priorities right, too – she would rather chat to a teammate than stare at her phone.

It’s just that some of her colleagues aren’t quite on the same page yet.

The BBC put up a montage of questions before the midweek victory over Austria, asking the Lionesses who they would rather NOT sit next to on the team bus.

And one name kept being repeated.

Scott said: “I got into trouble for this at the Tokyo Olympics – afterwards, they said I needed to be better when I’m travelling.

“Leah Williamson (right) and Keira Walsh (below) were asked who not to sit next to on the plane and they said me because I was always chewing their ears off.

“Sometimes, I think my name is just the easiest one to say.

“The thing is, I don’t like being on my phone a lot.

“You know the way it is. When people have spare time they’ve got their phones.

“I’m always trying to hassle them into having conversati­ons.

“I want to savour every moment of this.

“I am chatting their ears off – and I am enjoying every moment of it.

“Do you know what? They’re not trees. They can always move seats on the bus! That’s my motto.”

Long gone are the days when Scott balanced a map on her lap, having blagged £50 off her mum for petrol, to drive from her home in

Sunderland to Liverpool for training with Everton.

She has been profession­al for the past decade now. Before that she was among the first group of players to land an England central contract.

Scott’s money has been hard earned and every team has received unquestion­ingly good value.

She has made more than 150 appearance­s for her country and, at the veteran stage of her playing career, she is determined to squeeze out every bit of enjoyment.

Scott said: “There were times when it was difficult.

“I remember asking my mum for cash to fill up my Peugeot 106, which had four gears, and then heading down the M62 with this AA roadmap to Everton – that’s showing my age, but it’s what you did then.

“The friends from that era are because of the journey we were all on. It was a case of, ‘Has anyone got a bed for the night?’, so you could stay over and train next day.

“It was hard and if I was asked to do it now, I’m not sure I could.

“But that was the

reality. Now though, the preparatio­n has been fantastic. There’s no excuse for us not to perform.

“What the FA has done for us at these Euros is incredible.

“We’ve just turned up at the Lensbury Hotel. “We’ve got a relaxation room, which has a dart board and we’ve even got a basketball game – like those ones that you see in the amusement arcades. I’ll definitely be playing that.

“It takes me back to my days at Sunderland – I used to wrap five pence in a bit of paper to get a free go on the game.

“We’ve been at St George’s Park too, where the facilities are excellent.

“The girls are really grateful for all of it.

“Now, it’s over to us.”

 ?? ?? ‘I’m chatting their ears off and enjoying every
moment. They can always move!’
GAME FOR A LAUGH Jill Scott shares a joke with Millie Bright during training
‘I’m chatting their ears off and enjoying every moment. They can always move!’ GAME FOR A LAUGH Jill Scott shares a joke with Millie Bright during training

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