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Dunny’s Hairdryer


AS TARGETS for ridicule go, Nadine Dorries is a ridiculous­ly easy one – it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

When Dorries (below) went to Silverston­e, the social-media remarks were predictabl­y funny.

It all started, of course, when Dorries referenced rugby union star Jonny Wilkinson’s World Cup-winning drop goal… at a rugby league function.

“I’ve always liked the idea of rugby league,” she said. “My long-standing memory is that 2003 drop goal.”

But, amid the jibes, there is a serious point. This IS a minister with a responsibi­lity for sport – and she knows nothing about it.

“We are responsibl­e for everything to do with sport,” she says. “Making sure you have tennis pitches in your communitie­s.”

Tennis pitches? And football courts, as well, presumably.

Whether Dorries remains in her post is unclear, but the issue will remain the same.

These politician­s want more influence in football – just look at their keenness to get involved in the disguise of the appointmen­t of an independen­t regulator.

But who appoints the regulator? The sort of clueless MP who thinks Jonny Wilkinson played rugby league. And that is why the idea should be resisted.

YES, he will be getting a serious pay rise, but Raheem Sterling could have hung around at the Etihad and taken a hugely lucrative free transfer next summer.

That Sterling (above) is not going to do that is a measure of his passion for the game.

And that is why he will be a great signing for Chelsea.

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